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Events from the year 1930 in Canada.



Federal government[edit]

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January to March[edit]

April to June[edit]

Jacques Parizeau

July to December[edit]

Maureen Forrester photo taken by Carl Van Vechten

Full date unknown[edit]

  • Ben Kerr, street performer, author, broadcaster, musician and perennial candidate (d.2005)


Emma Albani

Historical Documents[edit]

Constitutional amendment affects natural resources control, Indigenous peoples, parks etc. in Prairie provinces [1]

To reduce unemployment, B.C. MP wants limits on number of Japanese immigrants that are equal to those set for Europeans [2]

One Big Union organizes industrial wage workers in struggle with "those who possess and do not produce" [3]

Communist Party of Canada challenged by influence of ethnic "foreign language" organizations in its membership [4]

New Saskatchewan cancer commission will oversee education, diagnosis and treatment (with radiotherapy) [5]

Gov. Franklin Roosevelt says New York's residential hydro rates much higher than Ontario's because of private ownership of power supply [6]

School's history pageant praised for its "costumes, stage settings, music, character portrayal and general effectiveness" [7]

Young people's "Shan-a-mac" guide has romanticized stories and knowledge imitating Indigenous culture (and thus misappropriation) [8]

New to Canada, starlings inhabit barns and sing "wheezy bumptious versatile essays to the belles of the roof" [9]

Cartoon: influenza returns with "complications and accompanying ills" [10]

Photo: annual Procession of St. Anne, Chapel Island, Nova Scotia [11]

Photo: Chris and Mary Josephine Morris putting birchbark on Mi'kmaq wigwam frame [12]

Photo: Louisiana group at White House, en route to Grand-Pré for 175th anniversary of Acadian deportation [13]

Photo: blimp and bike we know you'll like [14]


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