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G4 or G.IV may refer to:



Science and technology[edit]

  • Group 4 element, a class of elements on the Periodic Table
  • ATC code G04 Urologicals, a subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
  • G4, a type of bi-pin lamp base (socket), a lamp fitting where the pin spacing is 4mm
  • LG G4 smartphone
  • Group 4 compression, a type of image compression used in fax machines and some image file formats

Apple Computer[edit]

  • PowerPC G4, a type of microprocessor by Freescale used by Apple
    • Power Mac G4, a series of personal computers made by Apple Inc in July 1999
    • PowerBook G4, a series of Professional notebooks made by Apple Inc in 2001
    • iMac G4, a series of personal computer made by Apple Inc in January 2002
    • Xserve G4, an Xserve server made by Apple Inc in May 2002
    • iBook G4, an iBook series of consumer notebooks in October 2003
    • Mac Mini G4, a Mac Mini series of ultracompact computer in January 2005



  • G4 nations, four nations that support each other's bids to become permanent members of the United Nations Security Council: Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan
  • G4 (EU), a group of powerful countries in Europe
  • VIP Protection Unit, a unit of the Hong Kong Police Force (originally Section G, Division 4)

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