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Uiliami Leilua Vi known by his Tongan noble title Hon. Lord Veʻehala (1925 - 1986) was a Tongan nobleman best known as nose-flute player. He remains undoubtedly the most famous Tongan musician, both at home and abroad, and his recordings are still traditionally the first broadcast every day by Radio Tonga.


He was born on March 23, 1925 in Nuku’alofa to Hon. Lord Veʻehala (Feleti Vi) and Mele Luʻisa Simoa Vi of Fahefa Estate, Tongatapu. He was educated at Tupou College and finishing off at Wesley College and Grammar School, Auckland, New Zealand. In 1946, upon his father's death he was installed upon the noble title of Veʻehala and inherited the Fahefa estate. He was a governor of Ha'apai and Keeper of Public Records from 1948 - 1953, than from 1950 - 1968, he was the Secretary of Traditions Committee in Tonga.

Marriage and Issue[edit]

He married ʻEva-ʻi-pomana ʻUlukalala, natural daughter of Hon. Lord Finau ʻUlukalala VI (Ha'amea). They had two sons and one daughter

Name Occupation Marriage Children
Hon. Lord Ve'ehala (Toluhama'a Tungi Vi) Director of Royal Tongan Musical Corps and

President of the Tongan Football association

(2002 – 2006)

He married Souna Havea had issue (Divorced in 2002)

and he married Suliana Halapio

1. Siulolovao Vi

2. Leilua Vi

3. Kaimani Vulangi Vi,

4. Simoa Vi,

5. ʻIsileli Tupou Vi

6. ʻAna Pesi Vi

7. Afuha'amango Vi

8. Tapusala'ia

9. Pasemata

Vakautapola Vi Unknown Linita Tulikifanga 1. Tuʻitavake Fanga Vi

2. Manukeika-ʻi-moana Vi

3. Makahokovalu Vi

Adi Pasemaca Tu'ipulotu Pau'u Unknown She married Toni Kaihau Holani had issue (Deceased)

and she married Kali Taunisila

1. Liukaina Holani

2. 'Eva-'i-pomana Holani

3. Ma'ilei Holani

4. Tongiaki Holani

5. Toniseni Holani

6. Soa'ileata Taunisila


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