List of English words of Scandinavian origin

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This is a list of English words that are probably of modern Scandinavian origin, but whose further origins are unknown. This list excludes words borrowed directly from Old Norse; for those, see list of English words of Old Norse origin.

English words of Scandinavian origin[edit]

English words of Danish origin[edit]

English words of Norwegian origin[edit]

Some words from Norwegian have entered into common English usage. Many of the words relate to the climate and culture of Norway, such as skiing.

  • brisling (small, herring-like, marine fish)
  • fjord (a long indentation of a sea)
  • floe (as in ice floe, a river ice slide)
  • klister (a kind of ski wax, from the word for glue or paste; also common Scandinavian)
  • krill (small shrimp-like animal)
  • lemming (lemen, a rodent species)
  • lefse (Norwegian potato flatbread similar to a tortilla)
  • lutefisk (fish course made from dried fish and lut (lye)).
  • quisling (a traitor, from Vidkun Quisling)
  • ski (equipment for skiing activities; originally a general word for a plank or chop of wood)
  • skrei (from a word meaning "flock" or "crowd", a sprawn-ready codfish)
  • slalom (slalåm; not too steep downhill skiing with many gates and turns)
  • Telemark (a type of ski turn or style of skiing named for the Telemark region in Norway)
  • uff da (interjection, other English spellings of this word include oofda, ufda, oofta and ufta.)
  • yngling (sailing boat class, from an archaic Norwegian word for "youngster")

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