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Reverend Father Celestine Kapsner O.S.B. (April 29, 1892 - January 1973), was a Catholic priest and exorcist who was stationed at St. John's Abbey at Collegeville, Minnesota, in the early 1960s.


Father Kapsner began working with St. John's parish mission in 1928.[1] Among other duties and activities, Kapsner was in charge of the garden. Kapsner was known to have taken part in exorcisms. He translated a 1928 account of an exorcism by Father Theophilus Riesinger from a German magazine article, and published it, in 1935, in pamphlet form as Begone Satan!.[2]

Father Kapsner died in Minnesota in January 1973. His pamphlet was important because it brought a detailed account of an American exorcism to a large audience for the first time in the United States.

Published works[edit]

  • The Ordinary of the Mass as a Means of Inculcating Religious Truth; an Essay, 1928
  • Begone Satan!, 1935


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