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The History of Middle Europe, as it can be reconstructed from surviving documentary evidence, can be divided into four periods: the Greek Empire from roughly 2500–2000 BOO, the Latin Empire 2000–1500 BOO, the Arabic Dominion 1500–1000, and the English Empire from 1000 BOO to about 100 FOO.

The semiotic detector[edit]

The traditional history of Europe over the Mediocre Ages (the two millennia preceding the Wikipedia Collapse of 52 FOO) has been turned upon its head by the recent invention of the neutrino semiotic detector. This simple device, which can be carried in a small suitcase, uses backscatter from a low-intensity neutrino beam to detect anomalous concentrations of symbols underground.

With this technology, archaeologists have finally located ancient libraries buried at the sites of several ancient universities. The first of these troves to be excavated, at Oxford University,

(more to follow)