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Material moved out of disambiguation page[edit]

Moved the following out of the disambiguation page. These belong in articles on these persons and things, not on a disambig page, per WP:MOSDAB.

  • Aram (אֲרָם "Highland", Standard Hebrew Aram, Tiberian Hebrew ʾĂrām) in the Book of Genesis is the fifth semite grandson of Noah; Asshur was among his brothers. He begets the nations of Uz, Hul, Gether, and Mash. Because of the meaning of the name ("highland"), it is more likely a description of the ancestor's origins or legacy rather than the actual name. He is sometimes regarded as the eponymous ancestor of the Arameans; while the Mishnah and Hadith give that role to:
  • Aram the son of Kemuel, son of Nahor, Abraham's brother.
  • Aram: an alternative name for Nahor, Abraham's grandfather, a.k.a. Syria.


  • An Aram sandwich, a kind of sandwich also known as a levant. It is made by spreading a softened lahvash (Armenian cracker bread) with cream cheese, and laying on it thin slices of meat, cheese, salads and other sandwich fillings. The whole is rolled up, wrapped tightly, and refrigerated for some time, then cut into slices to serve or for sale.

--Srleffler 18:07, 28 February 2006 (UTC)