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Navteq Map24
Map24 logo.png
Type of site
web mapping
Available inmultilingual
Created byNavteq
Current statusinactive

Map24 was a free online mapping service, providing street level maps and driving directions for many parts of the world. Map24 was taken offline on September 15, 2011. is now pointing to However, the Web Archive has archived Map24 website and it is fully functional, as the former original. Map24 was owned and operated by Mapsolute GmbH, a producer of geographic software until they were acquired in 2007 by NAVTEQ, now called HERE. The website had five million users in Germany and 150 million monthly page views.

The service was powered by a company-owned technology called MapTP which offers features like a 3-D route flight and complete interactivity with each map.

Areas covered by Map24[edit]